Places Of Omrath

Kingdom of Ceclia

Basic INFO-

Population- 69,000
deities (main)- 65%-Earthis 30%-Ioun 5%-Corellon
King- Ceclia IV
Capital- Sworfull
Major Export- Weapons

The Kingdom of Ceclia has been apart of Omrath sense the any one has wrote down history about Omrath (about 1,000 years). It was not always called “Kingdom of Ceclia”, it use to be called “The Kingdom of Weaponry”.
The name change came about about 150 years ago, when the Ceclia family got the majority of support from the inner counsel to take rule. At first know one thought that the Ceclia family would rule for more than one generation, but thanks to a series of accomplishments in war, financial gain for the company and public opinion, the Ceclia family now hold a strong rain over what has now become there kingdom.
The Kingdom of Ceclia current king is Ceclia IV. Any major decision made is brought forth to the king and the inner counsel. The Inner counsel consist of five members who play a major part in the kingdom. The Kingdom army is split up into three forces.
The first force is homeland defense this force protects the land from invasion and also investigates threats from inside the kingdom. The second force is the police force. This part polices the kingdom. The third force is the special defense (little if know about this force). This force deals with foreign foes.
The Kingdom is also known for it’s giant library (The Library of Ioun). This library is not just known for its incredible magic book selection but its incredible record of history.
The people of Ceclia worship Earthis mostly. The other chunk of people worship ioun (mostly the magic folk) and the last bit worship Corellon.
The reason why this kingdom has lasted for about 1,000 years is because of its weapon trade. It has trade to its enemy, to friends, to foreign folk and any one who got the cash to paid for the weapons.

The Nation Of The Red Ancient Dragon

Basic Info

This nation is also called “Warthois’s Nation”. When approaching this nation a gigantic red dragon sits on top of a very tall watchtower that towers over the nation. The dragon’s name is Wrathois. Wrathois is very protective of his nation. Every armed attack against his nation he has personally stopped. This nation is quite small but has a strong army. Not much is known about this nation as its info is kept very secretively within the country.
Travelers and adventures are welcomed in the nation and are encourage to come and adventure around and in the nation. Recently the nation has been pledge by foreign attacks by Mauls.

Country Of Mauls

Basic Info

This country was a giant capitalize nation of trades to Warthois and the elven/fey nation until about 10 years ago a evil dark cloud covered the country and 5 years after that a giant wall was built around the country. Ever sense then hordes of evil (undead, demons, devil and other things) army have been attacking Wrathois and elven/fey nation. These attacks have been very wired and random.
No one (in the past 10years) has been able to approach the country. Not too many people remember the country before the evil swept over the country. What people do remember about the the country is that it was very secretive nation not to much contact with the other country and nation of Omrath (that’s perhaps why the nation fell so easily and quietly).

Elven/Fey Nation

Basic Info

There is really not a single politico power. There are three major clans that make up this nation. But most of the nation belongs to the wild and not the clans. That is what the clans believe and what they protect. The clans are as old as the wild of Omrath it’s self. The clans helped Omrath to drive out the evil that plague the continent log ago. The clans are located in three huge cities.
The three major clans are….

Main blood clan

This clan is located in Csegre (enlighten in English). This clan is very elitist by nature. They think that there blood is higher than the other clans and other elf’s. This clan is in charge of politico problems facing the nation. If you ask one of the main blood elf’s they will tell you that they put them self’s in that position because it is there duty and burden that the other clans put on them because of there high blood (in reality the other clans don’t want the burden of dealing with politics).
This clan (and the other clans) rarely ask for help from the outside world. They view it as there job to take care of things inside of there wild nation. But make no mistake the clan puts the wild before there pride so if that means asking for help to protect the wild from something they can’t handle they will do it without a second thought.

The Fey Clan

This clan is all Elandrin. They take care of there own problem that dose not directly concern the rest of the clan’s (the feywild). They are a humble bunch of elandrin in the city of Fuorvawen (humility in English). Travelers can only go in apart of this city, the other part is in the feywild (no one is aloud in this part except members of the clan and other natural fey things).

The Hunter clan

There arrows shoot straight and from the dark with deadly accuracy. There are unmatched in stealth and cunning strategy. They are the hunter clan!
This clan city name is Ushma (hunt). This clan is the most impotent of the three clans (even if the main blood clan thinks other wise). This clan main focus is hunting. They take care of protecting the nation, the wildness, etc.. Back when the continent was engulfed in evil and the elven/fey help Omrath to rid that evil, all of the military assistance was provided by this clan.
The most noted battle was the battle of water grave
The battle at water grave was the turning point for the battle of the continent.
The war was at a stand still both sides were evenly matched. The military leader of the elven/fey came up with a strategy to put a huge dent in the evil army. The leader found out that there was a spy among his high raking officers. When he found out he kept him very close with out arousing suspicion from him. When the time came the leader of the elven/fey he gathered a meeting with his commanding officers and told them that they were going to hold a meeting with the other armies leaders including Omrath him self. The trader went and told the evil army’s leader. The evil army leader gathered a strong large army to hit the leaders with a surprise attack and eliminate the threat of the invading army.
On the night the evil army lay in wait to strike the leaders as the evil army started to lunch there attack the elven/fey army leaped out of the shadows and out of the fey launching a barrage of arrows at the evil army. After the barrage of arrows ended soldiers waiting behind the enemies rushed in to seal there roots of escape and to attack merciless at the evil army. The battle waged on for an hour or so, with Omrath and his allies won the battle striking a huge blow to the evil army.
The elven leader victory lasted in history as the greatest victory ever achieved in the war against the evil army even more so than the Omrath’s final blow to the evil army. To this very day that elven leader of the hunter clan (whose name was lost in history) practices still go on today, they have been the foundation of every hunter in the clan.

The Lands of Otium People.

Basic INFO

The lands of Otium (otium means leisure, peace, ease, rest, retirement, lull in latin) is a place for all og the kingdoms, nations, big cities, ect….. of Omrath come and talk in a safe environment. The lands of Otium are located right smack in the middle of Omrath. It is also known as the heart of Omrath and some claim to be the resting place of the great dragon Omrath.
Although this is a nation of peace the people of Otium are not foreign to war and battles. Strength is needed to keep peace. Other nations view this as hypocritical.


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